Silence is a friend that understands

Where yes and no are blurred out lines

A place to hide – No man’s land

My own mind – My own shrine.

There is paradise deep within
Where there is peace – there is bliss.

Away from those greedy beasts

Where lose or fail – always a win!


The mind thinks endlessly

Of life’s unseens and realities

And words flow carelessly

Just to behold – I’m the casualty.

The heart feels numb

As the pain echoes 

Very deep – very low

I ask myself – Am I dumb?

Am I alone? Am I nothing?

Will questions be answered?

Or I will always be rejected?

The soul then continues hoping.

Your Smile

Your eyes speak like the sun that shines,
A touch of your little fingers with playful sounds,
Thirsting for new adventures that abounds.
And I’m alive.

The melodies that echoes from your mind,
Your laughter – Your cries,
Are all treasures that I prize.
And I’m alive.

Simple words and drawn out lines,
Are memories created – one by one.
Strings that will last forever ‘till I am none.
And I’m alive.

When the world is dark – and the light I can’t find.
I look at you and I can walk another mile
All pain is gone – All because of that smile.
And I’m alive.